10 Ways to Save Money On Gasoline

Gas Pump

Share Every time I see gas prices rise I get sick to my stomach.  I can’t believe how much gas prices are.  I feel old when I say that I remember them being $0.75 a gallon for awhile way back in high school.   Now prices are a sickening $3.45 a gallon where I live.  Unfortunately, [...]

Frugal and Healthy Snacks for the Road


ShareThere are just a few necessities for the car when taking a road trip.  One thing that can’t be passed up is food!  You absolutely must have good food to eat when taking a long road trip.  And, since gas prices are high enough why stock your car with lots of expensive and unhealthy snacks? [...]

How to Keep A Toddler Busy When Taking a Long Car Trip


Share We may not be pros yet when it comes to flying with children (although I think that badge is coming soon), but we are quite experienced when it comes to driving long distances with our small children.  If you are taking a long car trip this season here are some tips on staying sane [...]