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17 Ways to Travel for Free

  Not all of us are lucky, or perhaps clever enough to save for regular holidays. Yet, holiday we must, if we are to experience anything outside of the daily grind of our lives. Of course, budget travel is the option, if you can wing it. We have another idea though. How about traveling for free? 1. Try An Adventure Challenge You can either organize an adventure challenge or join an expedition to climb mountains or discover new cultures. … [Read More...]

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5 Basic Emergency Gears to Take Backpacking

Going on an adventure can sound like a lot of fun, which it is, but you still have to be careful and stay prepared for emergencies. Having emergency gear in your backpack will not just save your life. Emergency equipment will also help you stay safe and secure in the wilderness or any other place you go hiking. Here are the five basic emergency gears that you must have for backpacking. 1. First-Aid Kit While this may sound like it is … [Read More...]

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Tips for Finding the Right Long-Term Parking Lot for Your Travels

Affordable long-term parking can be a tough thing to find if you’re looking to travel for an extended period of time. You want to find a parking lot that will keep your car safe at all hours of the day while you are away and but won’t break the bank. Here are some general tips to utilize when trying to find the perfect long-term parking lot for … [Read More...]


Flying Frugally

Sometimes the internet can get quite overwhelming.  Throw in the fact that you want to buy a plane ticket in the mix and things can get even more crazy.  You are on a budget and you have to purchase a plane ticket at the most minimal price possible, then we are really talking. With so many options to book flights on the internet Hot Wire, … [Read More...]

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Three Amazing, Inexpensive Travel Options: Merida, Honduras, and Lesotho

This is a Guest Post by Sam Peters, who loves writing about ways to travel frugally. Three Amazing, Inexpensive Travel Options Who doesn't want the chance to travel to beautiful destinations for affordable prices? The answer is nobody. There's two sides to this. One is finding reliable financial institutions that offer frugal funding options … [Read More...]


8 Ways to Save While Traveling

Thinking about booking your next vacation and want to save a few bucks?  Here are some great ways to save before you book your next vacation! 1. - Make sure you check out all the great restaurant deals in the location that you are traveling to here.  You never know what gems you might find.  You could save some serious cash … [Read More...]