Frugal and Healthy Snacks for the Road

There are just a few necessities for the car when taking a road trip.  One thing that can’t be passed up is food!  You absolutely must have good food to eat when taking a long road trip.  And, since gas prices are high enough why stock your car with lots of expensive and unhealthy snacks?    There are so many reasons to stock up on snack goods that are good for your tummy and wallet too.

If we can help it when traveling, I don’t like to compromise our diets, especially the diets of my growing children.  When fast food restaurants are among the easiest places to stop I like to give my family some kind of good nutrition on road trips.  I really want to be armed with foods that are easy to please hungry kiddos in the car, require little cleanup, save us money and are nutritionally superior to options on the road.  I also don’t want to resort to packaged and processed grocery store food just to rid myself of a hunger craving. Just like snacks on the road processed food items are full of artificial sugars, preservatives, and artificial colors.

So, what do I feed my family on the road?

Dried Fruit and Nuts – In the future I hope to get a food dehydrator and make my own, but currently I buy most of my dried fruit and nuts from a local food co-op. These snacks are easy to eat in the car and just as good as fresh.

{Chocolate Whole Wheat Graham Crackers – Photo Source}

Homemade Whole Wheat Graham Crackers – I just recently tried out this recipe from Laura at Heavenly Homemakers, and yum they are coming with us in the car!

Popcorn – Pop some up and take it with you. I also buy organic popcorn from our local co-op. It’s healthier than the microwave version. You could also try this version of Caramel Corn or Peanut Butter Popcorn to bring on the road.

{Maple-Rosemary Popcorn – Photo Source}

Black Passion Fruit Tea – Sometimes we want a little something else to drink besides water. I typically brew several cups of Black tea and stick it in the cooler. Then when we want a cold drink other than water, we aren’t tempted to drink Coke or some other sugary beverage.

Or these might make your mouth water,

Homemade Marshmallows with No Corn SyrupTry these yummy sweet treats to take on the road with you.  You can make them in bulk and store them away for a fun trip!  Ok, so maybe they really don’t save you money, but they sure do taste better and are much healthier than the store bought kind.

What do you like to munch on the road? Do you have any other realfood snack ideas that are good to snack on in the car?

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