Flying Frugally

Sometimes the internet can get quite overwhelming.  Throw in the fact that you want to buy a plane ticket in the mix and things can get even more crazy.  You are on a budget and you have to purchase a plane ticket at the most minimal price possible, then we are really talking.

With so many options to book flights on the internet Hot Wire, Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Cheap Tickets where do you begin? What is the cheapest?

The best travel search engine by far is  Kayak is so wonderful because they will compare all the major travel sites at one time so that you can choose the best route and best priced ticket.  You can also compare many other things on Kayak like hotels and cars.  It is a great place for one stop shopping when it comes to booking.  No need to have 42 windows open on your desktop at one time.

Other ways to save lots while flying:

  • Pack light – If you need to check luggage and your bag weights over 50 pounds you are going to get charge a hefty fee.  Overweight baggage frees are around $100 on most airlines.  Pack light, take only a carry-on and you will save lots on travel.
  • Eat large meals before you get to the airport or after you leave – Airport food is always more expensive because they know that you are stuck there.  If possible, eat your meals before you get to the airport or after you leave it.  You won’t be sorry by saving all that change in your pocket.
  • Bring your own snacks – Same as the meals, the snack prices in the airport are ridiculous.  Plan ahead by throwing snacks in your purse or backpack so that you don’t have to buy from airport vendors.
  • Join frequent flyer programs – If you travel often make sure you sign up for all the frequent flyer programs out there.  You can easily earn free upgraded seats, entrance into lounges, and lots of other perks like snacks on the plane if you fly all the time.  Not to mention a free ticket here and there.
  • Use – If you end up using any of the ebates partner sites you will earn a percentage of cash back on your trip!  Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, and Priceline are just some of the sites listed.  Chance are after you get your fabulous price match on Kayak you can click through ebates and save quite a bit just by getting cash back.  Plus, they are no hassle.  They will just send you a fabulous check in the mail after you’ve earned money!
  • Have someone drop you off and pick you up – Airport parking can be expensive.  If you can have a friend drop you off and then someone else pick you up.
  • Book smart – If you find a good price for the love book it!  Those prices will fluctuate in hours!  Don’t wait in an hour or minutes it might go up!

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