Climb Aboard! (Your Next Vacation Isn’t On Land)

Bored of holidaying in the same old places? Wishing for a glamorous adventure, beautiful sights and international travel? Consider relaxing and unwinding aboard your own luxurious chartered boat.
Can you imagine anything more invigorating than being the captain of your own yacht? Feel renewed by the wind in your hair and the sun warming your skin. Explore incredible destinations: meet the locals, taste the food and see the sights. Perhaps you would like to fill your days with snorkelling or diving in blue waters teaming with marine life, a bit of kayaking, or even fishing? Alternatively you could always just relax on deck with a good book. This is a holiday you will never forget and it is designed around what you want to do and when.
Choose a reputable company, your holiday is important and you deserve a 5 star service from beginning to end. There are a variety of boat options depending on how many people you will have on board and whether you would prefer a quieter sailing charter on a monohull yacht or catamaran; or if you prefer the exhilaration of a powerboat. Also not every company will supply boats to every destination so choose the one which best suits your needs. The Moorings have been providing charter boat holidays since 1969 and are a world leader. They offer charters in 27 amazing destinations within the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Sea of Cortez, Pacific Northwest, South Pacific and Indian Ocean and they have the largest fleet of charter catamarans in the world.
If you have no boating experience you can book a charter which includes a captain and why not include a chef too and completely relax and unwind while the yacht takes you where you want to go in the most exhilarating fashion. Or if you want to learn or just brush up your skills as a sailor consider signing up for a lesson or a Learn to Sail holiday and find your sea legs. If you have only some experience at sea you may still be qualified to charter a vessel in many countries   try completing an online Sailboat CV which will tell you where you can sail and what sized yacht you are qualified to captain. If you are no stranger to captaining then you can book a bareboat yacht charter and seek out adventure on a beautiful luxury boat.
There is nothing like a charter yacht holiday for making the best memories and bringing people closer together. There is so much to do and yet so much quality time to spend together. It is a romantic getaway for a couple spending your days swimming and tanning in exotic waters and having dinner under the stars. Groups of friends travelling and seeing the sights or just relaxing so far away from their regular lives can’t help but have a great time in each other’s company. Families find the adventure and fun of a chartered yacht holiday brings them closer together and there are a million happy memories to be made.
Spending time aboard a chartered yacht is one of the most exhilarating and liberating holidays available. You will feel more relaxed the moment you head out into the water and how could your daily worries not melt away in such beautiful locations? Whether quietly swaying as the waves lap the sides of your boat or charging through the ocean at top speeds, this is the holiday for you and with so many locations available it could be for many years to come.

Theresa Connor writes regularly for a range of travel websites and blogs. When booking her spectacular chartered yacht holiday she used The Moorings.

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