17 Ways to Travel for Free

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Share   Not all of us are lucky, or perhaps clever enough to save for regular holidays. Yet, holiday we must, if we are to experience anything outside of the daily grind of our lives. Of course, budget travel is the option, if you can wing it. We have another idea though. How about traveling [...]

5 Easy Ways to Save Hard Earned Cash on Flights!

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Share Are you a frequent traveler that wants to save some cash on your next flight? Perhaps you’re simply wanting to take a nice vacation and need to make sure that you aren’t going to blow all of your money on a ticket. In this article we’ll cover some of the ways that frequent and [...]

3 Tips to Help Save for the Trip of a Lifetime

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ShareThere’s always that one life-long travel dream: the one destination or excursion that tempts us to quit our day jobs, fill up our backpacks, collect our life savings, and head for the nearest airport, never to be heard from again. That is, until we run out of money and come crawling back, groveling for our [...]

Tips for Finding the Right Long-Term Parking Lot for Your Travels

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Share Affordable long-term parking can be a tough thing to find if you’re looking to travel for an extended period of time. You want to find a parking lot that will keep your car safe at all hours of the day while you are away and but won’t break the bank. Here are some general [...]

Flying Frugally


ShareSometimes the internet can get quite overwhelming.  Throw in the fact that you want to buy a plane ticket in the mix and things can get even more crazy.  You are on a budget and you have to purchase a plane ticket at the most minimal price possible, then we are really talking. With so [...]

8 Ways to Save While Traveling


ShareThinking about booking your next vacation and want to save a few bucks?  Here are some great ways to save before you book your next vacation! 1. Restaurant.com – Make sure you check out all the great restaurant deals in the location that you are traveling to here.  You never know what gems you might [...]

How to Help Little Kids Cope When Daddy is Out of Town


ShareMy husband is a world traveler.  He works for Operation Christmas Child and often finds himself on the other side of the world.  Like right now, he is in the opposite hemisphere.  In a couple of months he will find himself in Mongolia.  He doesn’t always travel overseas, he often travels domestically and he thankfully doesn’t [...]

Tips for Saving Money While Traveling

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ShareGuest post by Jaimie It is no secret that the economy is in shambles. This does not mean that we cannot travel and have a wonderful time doing it. We just need to be creative so that costs are minimal. Here are a few tips to help you out with your next trip! 1. Buying [...]

10 Ways to Save Money On Gasoline

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Share Every time I see gas prices rise I get sick to my stomach.  I can’t believe how much gas prices are.  I feel old when I say that I remember them being $0.75 a gallon for awhile way back in high school.   Now prices are a sickening $3.45 a gallon where I live.  Unfortunately, [...]

Frugal and Healthy Snacks for the Road


ShareThere are just a few necessities for the car when taking a road trip.  One thing that can’t be passed up is food!  You absolutely must have good food to eat when taking a long road trip.  And, since gas prices are high enough why stock your car with lots of expensive and unhealthy snacks? [...]