5 Basic Emergency Gears to Take Backpacking

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ShareGoing on an adventure can sound like a lot of fun, which it is, but you still have to be careful and stay prepared for emergencies. Having emergency gear in your backpack will not just save your life. Emergency equipment will also help you stay safe and secure in the wilderness or any other place [...]

Climb Aboard! (Your Next Vacation Isn’t On Land)

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ShareBored of holidaying in the same old places? Wishing for a glamorous adventure, beautiful sights and international travel? Consider relaxing and unwinding aboard your own luxurious chartered boat. SMELL THE SEA AIR Can you imagine anything more invigorating than being the captain of your own yacht? Feel renewed by the wind in your hair and [...]

Planning For Your Next Family Vacation

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ShareWhen the time comes to go on a vacation, some families do not know what to do. People may assume that their options are few, and they may fail to find something that everybody will enjoy. How can your family invest in a vacation and save money in the long run? The information below may [...]

7 Ways to Spend Less than $50 a Day While on Vacation

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Share Traveling is fun, exciting and educational, especially if you plan on experiencing the culture of the country or area you visit – and on $50 a day travel budget, you can’t help but come into contact with the local life of whatever place you are traveling to. Now, while it may be impossible to [...]

Ways to Save On Accommodations While Traveling

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Share  When you travel you need to know where the savings are. Don’t hop in your vehicle with no knowledge of your destination and the possible savings you could obtain. A smart traveler is always informed on the best ways to save on accommodations. The following gives 5 great ways to stay ahead of the [...]

Three Amazing, Inexpensive Travel Options: Merida, Honduras, and Lesotho

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Share This is a Guest Post by Sam Peters, who loves writing about ways to travel frugally. Three Amazing, Inexpensive Travel Options Who doesn’t want the chance to travel to beautiful destinations for affordable prices? The answer is nobody. There’s two sides to this. One is finding reliable financial institutions that offer frugal funding options [...]

Boone, North Carolina – Perfect Year Round Vacation Spot

Blue Ridge Mountians

ShareAre you looking for somewhere new and different to travel?  How about a trip to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina? Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall you will be able to find activities year round for your family to enjoy. In the Spring, Summer, or Fall take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway [...]

Stomach Clinic Restaurant, and Other Signs

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ShareIn 2006, when I was traveling around the world for a year with my best friend, we came up with a truly brilliant idea. The idea, (the brilliant one, that is), was for someone to make a book of all the nonsensical signs in the world. We marveled at our brilliance for a few solid [...]

How to Get a Brazilian Visa in Buenos Aires

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ShareI have long sworn by the ease with which visas can be haggled for overseas. Indeed, when traveling around the world for a year with my best friend Lara, I often postponed getting visas to later destinations on the itinerary until we g0t to our first stop. (i.e. we’re going to Australia and then Vietnam, [...]

Immunizations and Other Nonsense (Cringe)

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Share The other day a documentary film student coming to this week’s Mt. Kilimanjaro marathon with Hope Runs was chatting with me about her recent immunizations for travel to Africa. After receiving a shot for Yellow Fever to prep her to leave the wilds of Chicago, the nurse explained carefully that the filmmaker would have [...]