7 Ways to Spend Less than $50 a Day While on Vacation

Traveling is fun, exciting and educational, especially if you plan on experiencing the culture of the country or area you visit – and on $50 a day travel budget, you can’t help but come into contact with the local life of whatever place you are traveling to.

Now, while it may be impossible to stick to this budget when traveling overseas; flights will cost more than $50 a day, you can certainly stick to your budget once you arrive in your destination. The following are 7 ways to keep your travel expenses as low as possible to help you stick to your budget.

1- Lodgings 

Before setting out on your vacation, look into your lodging options. If you want to keep your travel expenses down to $50 a day then you want to look for neighborhood hostels or even a free lodging option. Visit sites like Couch Surfing to find friendly neighbors in the area with an extra couch or bed they will let you stay on for free.

2 – Entertainment 

Decide to go on vacation in the off season so you can get entertainment discounts. Look for free tours or museums. Most museums have a free-entrance day. Look up the museums in the area for these days and decide to visit on one of these free days.

3 – Food

One of the best ways to get to know any destination is by experiencing the food. Avoid the high end restaurants in the tourist sections and instead inquire about local street food and vending carts. This is the cheapest way to grab a bite and it’s a great way to meet a few locals too.

4 – Transportation 

When visiting shopping areas, museums or landmarks that are all centrally located (downtown) and if you are in a large metropolitan city you want to stick with public transportation as much as possible. Besides, public transportation can be an interesting experience to, allowing you to see all the colorful people that live in the place you are visiting.

However not all cities have a subway, train or reliable public transportation system. In these cases you may want to rent a car. However, you want to choose the car rental company carefully, so you get the best deal. Alamo car rental offers some of the cheapest car rental deals in the nation. Look for the best options before leaving for your destination. Often you can get better deals if you plan ahead, or rent a car over a particular weekend.

5 – City Attractions 

There are many city attractions that are completely free. Some you can see simply by taking a walk in the area. Downtown areas are full of architectural monuments, landmarks and buildings you can enjoy. If you travel out of the downtown area then all you have to do is jump into your car and visit the beautiful parks and lakes in the area. Most of these are free, or in some cases may have a very nominal entrance fee cost.

Traveling on a budget takes a certain mindset, and some planning ahead. Take lunch bags when visiting natural monuments or parks. Talk to the locals, walk around and enjoy the great outdoors. Go with the intentions of staying away from the high priced hotel and restaurant.

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