5 Basic Emergency Gears to Take Backpacking

Going on an adventure can sound like a lot of fun, which it is, but you still have to be careful and
stay prepared for emergencies. Having emergency gear in your backpack will not just save your life.
Emergency equipment will also help you stay safe and secure in the wilderness or any other place you
go hiking. Here are the five basic emergency gears that you must have for backpacking.

1. First-Aid Kit

While this may sound like it is just common sense, many people forget to take a basic first-aid kit with
them. You should carry first-aid supplies for injuries. According to backpacking.net, you should
particularly carry adhesive Band-Aids and sterilized bandages; these will be very handy for minor injuries
and can stave off infection.

2. Compass

You should carry a compass at all times, especially in the back country where you are most liable to lose
a sense of direction. Outdoorplaces.com also highlights the importance of understanding how to
use it. If you do not know how to use a compass, take classes in using one and learn how to use it in the

3. Water

There is no denying the importance of fresh water—always carry plenty of it. If you are not taking
enough water along, you should always treat the water you draw from public sources. Make sure you
have a water filter, purifier, chemical tablets, or a stove to boil the water before drinking it.

4.  Whistles

The sound whistles make travels much further than voices can in an emergency situation. Carry a good
whistle with you while you are backpacking to ensure that you have a means to alert others to your
presence if you are in danger. You can also use it to communicate with others in your group.

5. Quick Stove and Fire Starter

By carrying a stove, you can easily boil water for safe consumption; you can also cook meals. It is an
indispensable utility if you are looking for healthy, nutritious food while out on an adventure. Fire
starters are especially helpful for quickly starting a fire. They are also great for igniting wet wood.

As you can see, having the above items with you when you go backpacking will help you immensely in
emergency situations. They will help save your life, guide you in the right direction, alert others to your
location, and stay warm, among other things if danger ever befalls you.

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