3 Tips to Help Save for the Trip of a Lifetime

There’s always that one life-long travel dream: the one destination or excursion that tempts us to quit our day jobs, fill up our backpacks, collect our life savings, and head for the nearest airport, never to be heard from again. That is, until we run out of money and come crawling back, groveling for our old jobs. Doesn’t sound ideal to you? Me neither. Instead, why not consider these next three tips that could help get you on that trip of a lifetime without cleaning out your savings and forcing you to quit your job?
Consider a New Savings Account

Many folks today have become wary of changing financial institutions, or complacent when it comes to searching for the best savings account options and rates. If you do just a little bit of research though, you could find out just how much more you could potentially earn on your savings if you were to open a high yield savings account online through a different institution.
Finding a great high interest rate savings account is as easy as perusing the internet and using one of the many account comparison websites available today. This can earn you literally hundreds or thousands of extra dollars with your current savings over the course of just a couple years or less depending on your savings and an account’s APY.
Forego the Next Smaller Trip, or Two


I know it seems like a crazy and drastic idea, but by eliminating a smaller in-country trip or two, you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars to put towards that big one you’ve been dreaming of. While it may seem hard, skipping smaller trips for undoubtedly bigger opportunities, will be definitely worth it in the long run.
Secretly Skimp on Something(s), Anything(s)

Essentially akin to smart budgeting, figuring out a thing or two that you can live without for the next year can save you more than you realize. Think about it in these terms: saving a measly 5 dollars a day, on whatever, anything of your choice, equals an extra $1,825 in one year. That’s at least one plane ticket, easily. Now you do the math. If you can save just a little more than that each day, that’s some pretty big savings – maybe even two tickets?
If you’ve got a life-long travel destination or destinations in mind, it’s important to know that you absolutely can make reaching them a reality. All it takes is a bit of whimsy, some simple tips, and a frugality that should be easy to come by with that white sand beach in mind.


This is a Guest Post by Sam Peters, who loves writing about ways to travel frugally.

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