17 Ways to Travel for Free

Not all of us are lucky, or perhaps clever enough to save for regular holidays. Yet, holiday we must, if we are to experience anything outside of the daily grind of our lives. Of course, budget travel is the option, if you can wing it. We have another idea though. How about traveling for free?
1. Try An Adventure Challenge
You can either organize an adventure challenge or join an expedition to climb mountains or discover new cultures. Check out such opportunities at acrossthedivide.com, charitytreks.ca and globaladventurechallenges.com.
2. Obtain A Travel Scholarship
Try for a scholarship to study abroad at your university. The UNESCO Study Abroad Guide provides a list of scholarships opportunities in 129 countries.

3. Join The WWOOF Program
The best way to travel for free is to work your way through. The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms program offers farm work with food, bed and board. Membership cost is $12, but the rest is free.
4. Look Out For Travel Sponsorships
Check out technological companies and equipment manufactures for travel sponsor for your product trials and write-ups. If what you offer is worth to them, you might get travel sponsorships this way.
5. Hitchhike
There are safety worries to hitchhiking, but if you have a fixed route planned, you can still wing it. Japan, Ireland and New Zealand are relatively safe for hitchhikers. Always check with other travelers before hitchhiking.
6. Smart Flying
Sign up for a credit card that offers mileage rewards and use your accumulated reward points once in a year to travel someone nice. Be sure to pay your balance every month so you don’t lose your free miles.
7. Try To Win Competitions
Signup for photography or travel writing competitions; you may get lucky and win free travel. Look for such opportunities in Wanderlust magazine and Intrepid Travel. You can apply online.
8. Become A Walk Leader
Check with hiking tour operators if they can use a walk leader to lead a walking holiday group. You must be knowledgeable, have leadership qualities and communicate well. You get meals, stay and traveling funds in return.

9. Become A Secret Shopper
Obtain a secret transportation shopper certification and find work in the travel sector. You will be provided free travel and get paid to travel to different places and expose issues and discrimination against disabled passengers.
10. Become A Medication Tester
Check with a large drug company for drug testing travel opportunities. Many companies test drugs on site, where the virulent is present, such as testing anti-malaria drugs in Africa.
11. Teach English
Obtain a TEFL certification and try for a job teaching English in non-English speaking countries. You can get to travel for free. You may even get free or cheap accommodation other than your salary.
12. Deliver A Car
Deliver someone’s car and enjoy a nice long journey for free, with your fuel and maintenance costs paid up. Check if your sponsor will pay for your motel stays and food too. Note that you must have a perfect driving record.
13. Work As A Tour Guide
Obtain tour guide certification and find work as sightseeing guides, or as long-term escort to travel groups. Travel companies are always looking for good travel guides, especially those that work well with seniors.
14. Work As A Flight Attendant
This job still gets you free travel all over the globe, if you choose to join an international line. It’s hard work, but you get to spend a night and day at foreign cities, and your accommodation is paid for.
15. Research Travel Destinations
If you are a good travel writer, sign up with a travel company as a destination researcher. You’ll have to work hard to gather facts and write short summaries, but your travel, stay and food will be free.
16. Work On A Cruise
Depending on your qualifications and skill set, you can work as a talking head, as handyman, as child counselor, as tour guide and more on a cruise. You get free stay; free food and can join day trips on ports for free.
17. Join A Sailing Crew
Take sailing courses and then offer your services for free at your local marina. Build enough experience to join the crew of a yacht delivery service, and sail around the world for free.

Even after years of travel and adventure, Teena Celis still considers Adrenalin to be the ultimate source of ‘serious fun’.

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